Keeping An Authentic Journal, An Authentic Quote Page and an Authentic Day Planner

Creating an Authentic Self takes courage. You have to be actively working everyday to create an authentic life. Keeping an Authentic Journal is an invaluable tool when you are creating anything. There are numerous journals to choose from. You may be tempted to keep your journal on a computer, and that is fine if you have access to it all the time. I prefer to use a bound journal with blank pages. I write my thoughts, insert pictures and other things in my bound journal that I carry with me everywhere. I have a handbag that I can throw it in, and when I am going to school it fits nicely in a backpack. You may want to have a fancy leather journal, but a simple, inexpensive notebook can serve the purpose just as well:


One of the first things I did with my Authentic Journal was to write a page of famous quotes.

These are great for when I need to be pumped up or if I need inspiration to continue creating. Again, there are numerous planners available. Again, keeping it on your computer is an option. I prefer a bound planner because I can stick it into my purse and carry it with me.





Making and keeping a schedule has saved my life. I have a planner that has monthly calendars as well as a daily schedule. I draw my own lines on the daily page to show me what I can do every hour. I don’t stick to this schedule like it is carved in stone, but I try to get as much done as possible. There are three reasons I do this: first, there are some days of the month when I have appointments or important events to show up for. I put these on my monthly calendar. Second, when I review the daily plan in the evening, I realize just how much I did accomplish. It is a great esteem builder. Finally, I make sure to do those things that are the most important get done.

You will see that my daily list has lines that I have drawn to keep my mind on a task. I have found that if I have scheduled my time, I can more fully concentrate on the task at hand. When I don’t have a schedule, I tend to flit from task to task, worried that I am not getting anything done. I review my list, check off what I have done, and move what I haven’t done to another day. I realize that for each of the next 15 weeks, my schedule will change as I add more tasks to my quest to Create my Authentic Self. I am still working on my authentic self vision board and will post it soon. Go and create! Then make sure you share. I love to hear from you.